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Multichain analytical
platform & aggregator
for all DeFi Industry
Real-time precise & reliable data about all Yield Farming, Liquidity pools, Upcoming tokensales & Indexes throughout Ethereum, BSC, HECO Chain and Polkadot.
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Real-time on-chain data for all liquidity pools & Tield Farming throughout all DeFi ecosystem
One-stop-shop for real ROI /
APY / APR from DeFiPulse,
All major blockchains are
supported (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, HECO,)
Your Own ROI & Impermanent Losses via Personalized DASHBOARD
Explore the Platfolrm
Supported projects
Get ALL DeFi-related information, starting with terms and ending with guides and manuals.
Explore hundreds of DeFi projects via a single dashboard. Pick the top-rated platforms and coins and vote for the ones you love!
Speak out! Our Uncensored chat allows users to express ANY opinion about DeFi projects without being banned.
Pick the best pools, sort them by coins and other parameters. Don't play guessing games - stake like a pro by making data-driven decisions.
Full insight into your portfolio:
connect your wallets, compare pool ROIs and track your investments.
DRATE Token - the main value of DeFi Rating
Pay for API Access
Pay for PRO version without distracting Adds
Pay for marketing on our platform
Governance of the DRATE DAO
Create your own applications and tools using data by DeFiRating 's API - pay for the access with DRATE.
Want to enjoy extended platform functionality? DRATE can cover your subscription, too.
Spread the word about your DeFi project and let our community explore it. DeFiRating features set of marketing tools from banner ads to promo campaigns. Advertise your DeFi platform the way you like and pay with DRATE.
Think DeFiRating lacks some
functionality? Let us know! Share your ideas about which features and instruments should be added as soon as possible. Vote for them, improve your DeFi experience and boost your profits.
Earn with DeFi
Discounts & Extra Perks
DRATE is not just about accessing services - this is the key to making profits. Enjoy DRATE staking and farming. DRATE ensures optimal APY rates, hassle-free liquidity management and stable profits, thanks to its deflationary tokenomics and unique profit-sharing model.
DeFiRating plans to introduce
a bunch of new interesting services with a NFT dashboard being the first in line. Want to earn on NFTs? DRATE holders will get priority access to unique tokens featured on the platform.
Profit sharing and deflationary
burning mechanism
The DeFi Rating protocol receives many payments (subscriptions, API services, banners, etc.) into the smart contract, then all these funds go to Uniswap\Pancake.
The funds are exchanged into three portions:

- 30% to cover platform expenses
- 35% to ETH/BNB for liquidity support
- 35% to DRATE for liquidity support
QDR is paired with ETH / BNB to form LP tokens

- 50% are shared among DRATE liquidity providers
- 50% of LP tokens are burned to prevent QDR token inflation
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More info
More info
We are overjoyed to create the most relevant and up-to-date rating in the DeFi sphere. Helping users to find all the latest information about newcomers to the sphere as well as keeping tabs on well-established, top projects in this sphere is one of our main designs!

Check-in on all the ratings, current yield farming pools, tokens and all the terms happening in the world of DeFi, all in one place!
Product Owner
Our Team
Product Owner
Technical Team Lead
Business Analyst
Full Stack Developer
Backend Developer
Senior Blockchain Consultant at United Nations, advisor
Mark Davis
Public Relations, Author
of 5 Books, Advisor
Road map
Q3 2020
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Team foundation
Protocols audits
Start of the development
Launched DeFi
Upgraded LP tracking system
Added Assets Management
Added Assets Tools
Expanded ROI tracking statistics
Comparative analysis HOLD vs LP
Protocols evaluation rating alpha
(onchain + offchain)
Tokensale section added
More ETH and BSC protocols to support
Added DeFi PULSE page for BSC and ETH
Added Research Center
Glossary integration
LP Dashboard upgrade
History page upgrade
Tokensales page upgrade
Instant buying/selling funds widget
BRIDGE page with cross-chain
bridges aggregation
Q3 2021
Solana data functional expansion + Farming projects integration
Polkadot / Kusama parachain support + Farming projects integration
Token Swap page upgrade to find the best swap price across leading
DEXes and aggregators
Borrow page for aggregating lending protocols
Project Ranking upgrade
Q4 2021
More protocols to support
Mobile App (similar to Zerion App)
- LP dashboard alpha
- Tracking prototype
- Portfolio assets analyses
- first adapters for dexes and ethereum
- create analitycs service
- collect and analize first data about defi projects and pools
- create different data storage for collect and navigate for data
- connect to etherscan and infura
- web3 and metamask wallets integration

More info
-advanced impermanent loss analysis
-integration cross-chain to all system and metrics
-alpha version of rating system for projects and create automatic analitics tech rating
- connect to thegrpah for ETH data
-install full nodes for different blockchains: ethereum, binance, and settings mainnet and testnet
-add new service with adapters for different projects and systems
-create open api for get data from our databases
-new UI&UX

More info
adapters for defi station,, zerion, defipulse etc.
- scaling our microservices and change logic for update wallet data
- added a queue system for fast data processing from ethereum and binance smart chain
- TOKENSALES page with aim to list all current tokensales (IDO ICO IPO STO ILO etc)
- connect to thegrpah for BSC data
- added protection against spam attacks
- upgrade service for analyze user wallets
- multi wallets system for users
- Research Center Page with projects reviews
- BSC data functional expansion
More info
- Tokensales page upgrade. more features to track current tokensales (IDO ICO IPO STO ILO etc)
- dashboard for LP providers upgrade for ROI calculation
- HECO data functional expansion + top farming projects integration
- Avalanche data functional expansion + top farming projects integration
- Polygon data functional expansion + more farming projects integration
- xDAI data functional expansion + more farming projects integration
More info
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